About us

We are called Umbrella partly because we provide temporary support between homelessness and stable housing, and partly because we work under the same umbrella as various other agencies. Together we

  • Identify potential clients and prepare them for entering private sector accommodation
  • Help clients in their search for a suitable home
  • Provide transitional support in the new home

The council has a statutory duty of care for the most vulnerable, but there are many others who fall through the net. Many of the street homeless are not yet ready to move into their own place but need first to spend time in supported housing. Our clients are often in supported housing, which then creates spaces for the street homeless to be accommodated.

We work with St Mungo’s, Brighton YMCASouthdown Homelessness Prevention & Mental Health Support Service  (Brighton & Hove), Justlife and Safehaven Sussex and Somewhere Safe to Stay.


Photograph by Moose Azim

In November 2017 a report by the charity Shelter estimated that Brighton and Hove had 144 street homeless as well as 4,074 living in temporary accommodation. These figures ignore the “hidden homeless” such as sofa surfers or those under threat of eviction, but even so this ratio of one in 69 of the population is the highest outside London