Who is this service for?

This service is for single people who are or have been homeless and are ready to manage a tenancy in the private sector and live independently. Our clients need a local connection e.g. friends, family or job in the Brighton and Hove area. They need to be someone who the council has no duty of care for.

How can Umbrella help me?

We offer an interest-free loan to help with deposit, fees and sometimes rent in advance, so a client can get a privately rented bedsit or flat. We may be able to help find the accommodation.

What financial checks take place?

The East Sussex Credit Union arranges the loan, carrying out a credit check and helping clients budgeting for the loan repayments. Clients need to provide addresses over the last 3 years, an estimate of monthly outgoings and details about any existing debts. The loan offer is reviewed after three months if a suitable property has not been identified.

What assistance will I get?

Southdown Homelessness Prevention and Mental Health Services offers a floating support service to assist clients once they are settled into their new accommodation.

How do I access the Umbrella Scheme?

Clients are referred by one of our partner agencies: St Mungo’s, Brighton YMCA, Southdown, Justlife and SafeHaven Sussex. If clients are not in already in touch with one of these agencies and are in need of housing, they can contact Southdown Homelessness Prevention and Mental Health Services.

“I felt my situation was hopeless and that I was very alone and stuck in a bad position, not having a guarantor or means to get enough of a deposit to move into a more permanent address. My support worker told me about Umbrella and together we made an application, within a month I was able to secure the funds and move into my new studio flat. I feel so grateful for the help I received.”

Umbrella client