We are so grateful to the individuals, charities and other organisations who support us.

You can donate either as a one-off amount or regular payments either using Local Giving or by direct payment to our bank account. Details of this are available by using our contact form.

We need funds

  • To provide the interest free loans
  • To cover the costs of providing the loans
  • To cover the loans written off
  • To cover the costs of looking for the properties
  • To cover the costs of running the business

Loans are usually in the range £500 to £800. The loans recirculate and the repayments are available to support advances to new clients. However, we have increasing demand for our loans and so we need the available fund to grow.

We are dealing with some very marginalised and vulnerable people and so a small number of defaults are to be expected.

We pay a fee to the East Sussex Credit Union who administer the loans, they do not charge the client interest or fees.

We have been given a grant by Brighton and Hove City Council to cover the cost of paying someone to help the clients look for properties.

We try to keep other costs down to a minimum. The directors are all volunteers. There are certain banking and website costs together with the costs of running a business such as preparing accounts, registration fees and so on.

We are not currently a charity and so are unable to claim gift aid. We hope to register as a charity in the future.

We have not yet completed a full year as a Community Interest Company and so have not produced a Report and Accounts. These will be posted on the website when available.

Client quotes

“It’s great to be independent again.”

“The best thing I’ve ever done’’