The Process

Application: the client is referred by our Partner Agencies to our Umbrella Resettlement Coordinator. She arranges for the client and their key worker attend an application meeting with her, and then takes the application to the monthly Umbrella meeting for consideration.

Credit Union: Once accepted by Umbrella, the client is offered a loan towards deposit, advance rent (if appropriate) and moving fees which is administered by East Sussex Credit Union. The client is supported to make an application for a loan to the Credit Union, who work out a manageable level of loan repayments. As the loan is repaid, it is recycled into the Umbrella fund enabling further clients to access a private rental property.

Property Search: The Umbrella Operations Manager and Umbrella Resettlement Coordinator support the client with property search, viewings and tenancy sign up.

Tenancy Preparation: The client meets with Umbrella Resettlement supporter for tenancy preparation support and attends tenancy training as appropriate.

Resettlement Support: The client works with the Umbrella Resettlement Coordinator to plan the move and set up the new tenancy. They will remain in contact with each other, so that any problems that may arise are dealt with promptly.